Scheduling for Writers

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, the first draft of Deadly Shades of Love is done, and I’m in the editing/rewriting mode right now. I’ve tried to keep to my schedule of writing everyday, but the flu got hold of me, and for a week I was no good to anyone. (And, yes, I got . . . → Read More: Scheduling for Writers

A Writer’s Schedule

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

The way I see it, you have five steps in writing a book and getting it out to be published, and each step must have its own schedule.

Step One: Research & Planning~This is the stage that needs no schedule. You’re brainstorming and mind mapping, and generally having a blast. . . . → Read More: A Writer’s Schedule

Motivation for Writers

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

So you want to write your first draft. The story is in your head, and perhaps you’ve even jotted down an outline of sorts. But then something happens. All of a sudden you don’t “feel” like writing. What happened? You still like the story, you still want to write it, . . . → Read More: Motivation for Writers

How the Write-a-thon is Going

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, I have eight chapters under my belt. I’m hoping to write at least two chapters a day, seven days a week. At that rate it will take me another two weeks to finish the first draft of Smothered in Yarn. Not bad, really. Then comes the fun part of . . . → Read More: How the Write-a-thon is Going