Writer’s Update

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Just wanted to bring you up-to-date on what’s happening around here.

1.) I just finished #4 in the Senior Delinquents Mini-Mystery Series, Dead Men Don’t Bring Flowers.  It’s now available on Amazon.

2.) I’m beginning work on the next Two Old Biddies book, Enmeshed in a Cold Case.  There’ll be a super easy and study mesh market bag pattern at the end of the book.  I figured we all have to have our own bags at the market now, and I wanted one that had the handles worked into the bag and not added after, so I designed one. 🙂

3.) A writer friend and I are working on a collaboration called Minute Maid, starring Annie Malone, P.I. and another P.I. named Jake Barrett.  Too much fun!  We’re only about 6 chapters into the book, but it’s full of good twists and turns, already.  Can’t wait to see where this is going!

I’ve had some great reviews of the 26 books I’ve written, and I’d love to hear from you.  What problems do you want addressed as a writer?  What themes do you want to hear about as a reader?  Let me know.  (No, I’m not running out of ideas, I just want to hear what you’d like to learn or read.)

Happy reading and writing to you all,



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Visual Boards to Help You Write Your Novel

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

I’ve been doing something for several of my books that I thought you might find interesting and fun–making Visual Boards. For writers, it sparks imagination. For readers, it’s a fascinating look into the mind of a writer and how they work.

I’m working on a stand-alone novel at the moment. . . . → Read More: Visual Boards to Help You Write Your Novel

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3 Things Writers Can Do When They’re “Blocked”

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Corrections have been made to two of my books. YEA! So onto another topic–Being “Blocked” Here’s what I find works for me, and hopefully it will work for you as well.

1-Journal about how you are feeling–Have you become bored with your story, or is it something else? Are you . . . → Read More: 3 Things Writers Can Do When They’re “Blocked”

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Nobody’s Perfect–an Apology to My Readers

Hello Dear Readers and Writers–

I need to apologize for some recent books that got out there with some glaring errors. I have no one to blame but myself, because I do the final line edit on my books.

Both are errors in names. In Bingo, You’re Dead (Senior Delinquent Mini-Mystery #2), the name of . . . → Read More: Nobody’s Perfect–an Apology to My Readers

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Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

I can hardly believe it, but I just published my 25th book! Wish you were all here to celebrate with me.

Here’s a rundown on what I’ve written:

2 Stevie Coral Cozy Mysteries Novels 3 Annie Malone, P.I. Suspense Novels 17 cozy mystery novellas (14 Two Old Biddies Mini-Mysteries and . . . → Read More: Celebrate!

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