For Fans of the Senior Delinquents Mini-Mystery Series

Hello Readers!

The newest in the Senior Delinquents Mini-Mystery Series is out!  It’s called Dead, With a Dose of Karma, and you can get it here: Amazon Kindle books.   Once you’ve read it, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads–or BOTH!

Now onto the next project.  I’m starting a new series called The Cookie Crumbles Mysteries.  What fun!  The books will contain cookie recipes, and who doesn’t like cookies?  I’ve planned six books in the series, for now.  We’ll see how they go.  Here’s what it’s about.

Anna Jorgenson has inherited her grandma’s bakery, along with her three older brothers.  The oldest wants to sell the place, but Anna wants to try and make a go of it.  He says he’ll give her one year to buy him out, otherwise he’s selling it.

We join Anna six months in.  She’s changed some things in the bakery, but so far she hasn’t shown much of a profit.  Her BFF since kindergarten, Suzie, moves back to Paradise Bay, CA., after her divorce.  Can she and her 12-year old son, Hayden, help Anna make enough money to buy out her brothers in just six months?

Of course there’ll be mysteries along the way, but the overarching question is: Will Anna be able to save the bakery?  Stay tuned for the answer. 🙂

Until next time, Happy Reading to You All.


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