Thank You!

Dear Readers–

This month has been my best ever in sales, thanks to you, the readers. It’s gratifying to know that you’ve been enjoying the books I’ve worked so hard to write. I’ve received several comments about the last one–Knitting Can be Murder. Seems you really like the knitting/crocheting themed mysteries.

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New Project

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

Now that Knitting Can be Murder has been released, and doing remarkably well, I’m on to my next project–How I Write: Writing Cozy Mysteries Without Plotting Them to Death. It’s sort of fun, working on nonfiction, for a change. It uses the logical side of my brain.

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Cozy Mysteries

Hello Fellow Readers & Writers–

Sales are booming for Knitting Can be Murder! Thanks to readers, I’ve figured out that cozy mysteries are still in favor with the public. YEA!

So what is a cozy mystery, anyway? Well, it used to be set in a small town, murders happened “off screen,” and the detectives were . . . → Read More: Cozy Mysteries

New Book

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers,

I’m so excited about starting the latest in my Stevie Coral Series. This one is full of spirits, automatic writing, a girl who’s been missing for 22 years, etc. I love the way the book is flowing out of my crazy mind!

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The Authors’ Asylum

Greetings. This post is directed to my Writer friends–

I was reading a book about self-publishing and I came across the term “Authors’ Asylum.” It’s what agents and publishers have kept us in for YEARS. But now, fellow writers, we can break out of their constraints and get our books out there ourselves! YEA!

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