The New Book Just Went Live on

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

Two Old Biddies Take Vegas just went live! My son-in-law did an excellent job on the cover–as usual. Thanks, Justin!

Knowing Megan and Alice’s pasts, their vacation to Las Vegas can only mean trouble!




Here Comes More Two Old Biddies!

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

The newest Two Old Biddies Mini-Mystery Two Old Biddies Take Vegas, is ready to go…just waiting on the cover design. I’m hoping you’ll see it on before the end of the month. YEA!

I just got back from the Tucson Festival of Books where I heard some wonderful lectures . . . → Read More: Here Comes More Two Old Biddies!

Longhand or Computer

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

First, the good news. I’ve completed the first draft of Two Old Biddies Take Vegas. YEA! Now it’s time to type it up and edit it.

Which brings us to a bit more about how I write. I write my first draft with a pen and spiral-bound notebook–in longhand. I . . . → Read More: Longhand or Computer