Two Old Biddies series



Book 1 Organize This!

Book 2 Knitting Can Be Murder!

Book 3 Smothered In Yarn

Book 4 A Tangled Yarn

Book 5 Hooked on a Cold Case

Book 6 Two Old Biddies Take Vegas

Book 7 Muffin Madness

Book 8 Make-One Missing

Book 9 Granny’s Crocheted Wedding Dress

Book 10 Yarn On Fire!

Book 11 Knit Ahoy! Murder at Sea

Book 12 Chained to the Truth

Book 13 Blocked and Buried

Book 14 Knit Two Together

Book 15 Enmeshed in a Cold Case

Book 16 Miner’s Mystery Soup

Book 17 Gossip Knits A Killer