New Series Launch!

Hello Readers and Writers–

I’m so excited to announce the release of book one in my newest series, Cookie Crumbles Mysteries!  It’s called One Corrupt Cookie, and it takes place in Paradise Bay, California–right between Ventura and Santa Barbara, on the coast.

The protagonist is a 31-year old baker named Anna Mae Jorgenson.  Close family and friends call her “Cookie.”  She lives in a mobile home park, right on the beach, and she bakes a mean cookie.  Her grandmother willed the bakery to Cookie and her three older brothers.  She wants to keep the bakery, but her brothers want to sell it.  A deal is struck.  She has six months to buy them out, or the bakery will be sold.  Each book in the series gets her one month closer to the deadline.

Will she make it?  Read the first in the series to find out how she’s doing.  The next book, One Criminal Cookie, should be out in November.

Happy Reading and Writing to You All,


PS.  Her grandmother haunts the bakery and throws  potholders at Cookie if she messes up one of her recipes.  (I think my grandmother would do that to me too, if I messed up one of hers!)

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