Scheduling Your Writing

Hello Fellow Readers & Writers–

I’ve been working hard on my newest Two Old Biddies book . . .but sometimes I just don’t “feel like writing.” It’s nothing new to writers. I wouldn’t call it “Writer’s Block,” but it might just as well be, because you’re not writing. I’ve tried sticking to schedules, but my . . . → Read More: Scheduling Your Writing

Reading & Writing

Hello, Fellow Readers and Writers–

I didn’t want you to think I’ve not been busy, so here’s what’s happening up on the mountain:

I’m working on the next Two Old Biddies book. The working title is A Tangled Yarn, and I just finished chapter eleven. I’m also compiling material for my book about writing, which . . . → Read More: Reading & Writing

The Writer’s Process

Hello Fellow Readers & Writers–

This post is for my fellow writers, but, in the long run, will please my fellow readers as well, because you are who we’re writing these books/stories/poems for.

I’ve written seven novels/novellas, but I still find myself “studying” writing. Why? I tell myself that I want to be the best . . . → Read More: The Writer’s Process

Paid Reviews

Hello again, Fellow Readers and Writers–

Today’s topic is disturbing to me, and should be to you also. I recently received an e-mail that read “Post Good Reviews is Hiring!” I alerted and sent them the website and phone number on the e-mail. Why? Because paid reviews are not supposed to be allowed on . . . → Read More: Paid Reviews