A Note to My Two Old Biddies Fans

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

Some of my Two Old Biddies fans seem to be in mourning, because they haven’t seen a new book in that series for a while.  But I’m here to tell you that the series is alive and well, and there WILL be another several books in that series.  I know it can be frustrating to not see new books in your favorite series, but, as a reader, you have to honor your favorite writer and give them a little leeway.   If I get a bit tired of a certain series, I’d rather switch to another one than give you a mediocre book in the series you love.  Understand?  I hope so.

So right now I’m concentrating on my newest series–Cookie Crumbles Mysteries–and will be for another three books.  The good news is that book #4 is already written and in the editing phase.  It should be coming out early next month!

So, dear fans, I hope you’ll understand why I write the way I do, and check out the new series.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll fall in love with Cookie too!

Until next time, happy reading and writing to you all,


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