I Am So Blessed

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, just waiting for the book cover to be done, and then Smothered in Yarn will go “live” on Amazon. Waiting isn’t my best attribute. But I’ve not been idle while I wait.

I just plotted and “storyboarded” my next two books. Gosh, but I love what I do for . . . → Read More: I Am So Blessed

Make the Ending Satisfying

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

What makes a book or story stay in your mind and in your heart? A satisfying ending.

Sometimes you write a rough draft and hurry the ending too much. I have a tendency to do this. Then I think about it for a while, and come up with a . . . → Read More: Make the Ending Satisfying

Rough Drafts

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, the rough draft for Smothered in Yarn has been completed. One of my friends asked me how soon the book would be on Amazon, because she’s antsy to read it. Um…I said “rough draft.” There’s a long way from that to a completed book. You, the Readers, wouldn’t be . . . → Read More: Rough Drafts