Trust the Process

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

This one is mostly for writers, but it’s for anyone going through something where they have a “process” to deal with (i.e. dieters, etc.).

There is a “process” to everything we do. For writers it’s (1) Showing up every day, (2) Doing the work, (3) Pressing through the discomfort and . . . → Read More: Trust the Process

Busy Writer

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, I’ve been one busy little bee these past weeks. I mean what else could I do, we were snowed in! Hard to think of Southern California and snow, but when you live 7000 feet up on a mountain, well, there’s snow! In fact, they said we’ve had the most . . . → Read More: Busy Writer

Almost Ready….

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, the editing is done on the third Senior Delinquents Mini-Mystery, Drop Dead Soup. We’re expecting snow the next four days, up here in the mountains of Southern California, so I’ll be typing away at the corrections, and should have the book ready to go by the middle of next . . . → Read More: Almost Ready….

Working Hard

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

I’ve been working hard on writing the next Senior Delinquents Mini-Mystery. Hopefully by the end of January Drop-Dead Soup will be available for your reading pleasure.

I’ve also been working on the next Two Old Biddies Mini-Mystery, Knit Two Together, but I don’t have a goal date in mind for . . . → Read More: Working Hard

Sorry, Folks!

Hey, Fellow Readers and Writers–

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My internet is screwing up on me and I’ve had issues that apparently AOL cannot fix until AOL 11 comes out in a month or so. (I’m just hoping this can be published before AOL goes out on me again.)

Meanwhile, keep reading . . . → Read More: Sorry, Folks!