Writing Hard, Hardly Working

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

I’m writing hard and fast to finish the first draft of Make-One Missing–the 8th in my Two Old Biddies Mini-Mysteries. (Make-one, for those of you who don’t knit, is a term that means to pick up and knit the bar between two stitches, thus adding a stitch to your row.)

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A Hard-Working Writer Writes Every Day

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, I’ve been hard at work on my nonfiction book How To Write a Mystery Without Plotting It to Death. Happily, I’m through the major editing process, and only have the final line-edit to go. Then it’s back to the Two Old Biddies Mini-Mysteries. (The gals in my knit group . . . → Read More: A Hard-Working Writer Writes Every Day

Longhand or Computer

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

First, the good news. I’ve completed the first draft of Two Old Biddies Take Vegas. YEA! Now it’s time to type it up and edit it.

Which brings us to a bit more about how I write. I write my first draft with a pen and spiral-bound notebook–in longhand. I . . . → Read More: Longhand or Computer