I Am So Blessed

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, just waiting for the book cover to be done, and then Smothered in Yarn will go “live” on Amazon.  Waiting isn’t my best attribute.  But I’ve not been idle while I wait.

I just plotted and “storyboarded” my next two books.  Gosh, but I love what I do for a living!  As Joann Ross, a fellow author, said in The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists, “Writing isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s flat-out hard.”

She goes on to say, “But whenever greeting people at Wal-Mart starts sounding like an appealing profession, I remind myself that people actually pay me to sit at home in my jammies and tell them stories.  How cool is that!”  And I agree with Ms. Ross.  I feel so blessed to be a writer–someone who gets paid to tell people stories.  There isn’t a more rewarding job on this earth–at least for me.

I hope all of you Readers have found authors you love and read.  And I hope all of you Writers find your niche and genre, and love writing as much as I do.

Happy Reading and Writing to you all,



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