Scheduling Your Writing

Hello Fellow Readers & Writers–

I’ve been working hard on my newest Two Old Biddies book . . .but sometimes I just don’t “feel like writing.”  It’s nothing new to writers.  I wouldn’t call it “Writer’s Block,” but it might just as well be, because you’re not writing.  I’ve tried sticking to schedules, but my husband’s work hours keep changing, so it’s hard to do.

I’ve come up with a solution that’s worked for me, and it might work for other writers.  If you’ve read my other blogs, you know about the right-brained child in all of us.  It’s the one who doesn’t want to be tied down by working at the same time everyday.  It’s the one who folds her arms and stomps her foot in defiance of being made to do ANYTHING on a regular basis.  So here’s the solution to that side of your brain getting in the way of your writing.

Instead of working “on schedule,” throw it out the window.  (Let your child color all over it first, if she wants to.  LOL!)  Now just give yourself a weekly goal–an amount of words, pages or chapters–you choose which one.  For me it’s five chapters a week.  That’s doable for me, without putting so much pressure on myself that I’m overwhelmed.  Now get out a calendar for the month.  (I printed one up with my Photo Shop.)  Every Saturday I wrote down which chapters I’d get done by then.  For example, the first Saturday of this month I’ll finish chapters 12 through 17.  It doesn’t matter when I write during the day, or the week.  (I’ll be taking a day off to drive down the mountain and see family this week.)  But I know I have to have Chapter 17 done by the time I go to sleep on Saturday.  If I don’t, I have to stay up until I do!

If rigid scheduling hasn’t worked in your life, try this method.  It may surprise you how much you accomplish.  (I’ve finished Chapter 15, and I have the whole week left to do two more chapters!)

Meanwhile, keep reading and writing, and have a little fun along the way.



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  • Marie

    My daughter gave me a little sign that says ” Schedules are like piñatas. They are both destined to be broken.” This sounds more like a To-Do list with an expiration date.

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