A Note to My Readers:


I’ve been hearing from several readers that they don’t want me to stop writing the Two Old Biddies Mini-Mystery Series.  This is a note to tell you that I’m still writing them.  As proof, Blocked and Buried, just recently came out.

I just wanted a break, so I started a new series–The Senior Delinquents Mini-Mysteries.  The first book in that series is Yea, The Old Grouch is Dead.  (I’m busy editing the second in that series, Bingo, You’re Dead.)

So don’t worry, Two Old Biddies fans, I’m not giving up on Megan, Alice and the knit group.  Okay?  Still, you might want to give the other series a try.  You might like Mattie, Granny Addie, and the rest of the Senior Delinquents . . .you never know. 🙂

Happy Reading to you all,


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