A Writer’s Hiatus

Dear Fellow Readers and Writers–

So sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  Computer glitches and a back problem are to blame.  But I’m back now, and I’ll try to blog more regularly from this point forward.

Even though it’s been tough to write, I have been reading, and I thought I’d share some of the books that have seen me through my back pain.

I managed Carl Hiaasen’s 400-page Stormy Weather,then went on to lighter fair–a new-to-me author, Christine Husom, and her Snow Way Out. On page 112 I thought I had the mystery solved, but I was wrong.  I did get the solution correct a couple of chapters later, but I think my original idea would have made for a better ending.  (It’s the writer in me, I guess.)

It’s hard to be a writer who reads.  You have the tendency to critique books as you go.  I’ve even been known to jot down comments in the books themselves, and my friends, who I then loan the books to, think my comments are pretty funny.

Anyway, back to this relatively new author and my critique of the book.  Overall it was good, with likable characters, an interesting storyline, etc., but she neglected to tie up several story threads.  If this is to become a series, there should have been a hint of where the romance is going between Cami and Clint.  If it was a stand-alone novel, some resolution should have been mentioned.

One other thing bothered me.  It’s knit-picking, I know, but the protagonist’s name was Camryn Brooks, and the name of the setting was Brooks Landing, Minnesota.  Was there a connection?  Were her ancestors the founding fathers of Brooks Landing?  Or does the author just like the name?  I think Ms. Husom could have done a one-sentence connection there, but that’s probably just my writer’s mind on back pain medication.  (My apologies to Ms. Husom if I missed the explanation.)

And, as for Carl Hiaasen’s book, well, he always takes you on a wild ride!  If you’ve never read him before, start with Skinny Dip. It’s a hoot!

Happy Reading and Writing to you All,


PS.  I’m back to writing again, and working on the newest Two Old Biddies’ Mini MysteryGranny’s Crocheted Wedding Dress.  I’m aiming for its release some time in March.  Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂


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  • Peter

    “knit-picking”? I know I’m nit-picking, but the phrase isn’t “knit-picking” – it’s “nit-picking.” Thanks for the laugh (ha ha).

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