How to Get Motivated to Write

Welcome back to Motivational Monday!

Okay, so let’s talk about motivation.  What can get you back into writing your book when you “just don’t feel like it?”  This question plagues seasoned and new writers alike, so don’t feel that you’re alone here.  Here’s what helps me in these situations.

1- Clear the decks.  Your mind can’t focus when your writing space is in turmoil.  Clear away the clutter from your desk and surrounding areas.  Once your surfaces are cleared, grab a dust rag and make them shine.  You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel!  Will this take away from your writing time?  Sure, but it’s totally worth it, and besides . . .um . . .you’re not writing anyway, right?

2- Collect all your book notes, your series notebook (if you have one), your outline (if you use one), and anything else related to your book, in one place.  If you work at a computer, put everything about your book right there.  If, like me, you write longhand in a notebook, put everything you need in a tote bag, including extra pens. (I have a bag big enough to stuff my lap desk into!)

3- All cleared off and organized?  Good.  The next step is to reread what you’ve already written, or at least the last couple of chapters.  This gives your creative mind a running start at the work in progress, and soon it will be ready to jump in and continue to work.  If you don’t know what comes next in your story, write about that problem.  Give your subconscious some food for thought.  Extra Nugget: I find it helpful to write a one or two-line summary of each chapter as I finish it.  That way, if I’m away from my book for a couple of days, I can get back into the swing of things by just reading the summaries, and not the whole book or a bunch of chapters.

4- If you’re just starting your project, all you need are a couple of characters, a setting, and an inciting incident.  Jot down a book blurb/elevator pitch for you story.  What’s it going to be about?  Write from there, following your characters.  Got it?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Tell me the story already!  Write!

Good luck and keep motivating yourself to write.  You have a story inside you that needs to get out, and NO ONE can write it the way you can!

Happy Reading and Writing to you all,



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