New book available . . .almost

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Good news!  Knit Ahoy! Murder at Sea, the 11th in the Two Old Biddies Series, will be available on Amazon, late this afternoon. YEA!

I’ve startied a new series called Mixed-Up Mini-Mysteries.  I’ve got about 9 chapters written, so far, and I think it’s going well.  (What?  You thought I just sat around waiting for my book cover to get done and the book to be uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing?  NO WAY!)

And that’s a lesson for ALL writers out there.  Your readers are waiting for your unique voice and stories.  Don’t wait for success in your last book.  Get writing the next one–NOW!

And to all my loyal readers, who love the Two Old Biddies Series, thanks.  Hope you enjoy the latest one, as much as I did writing it.

Happy Reading and Writing to You All,


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