The Authors’ Asylum

Greetings.  This post is directed to my Writer friends–

I was reading a book about self-publishing and I came across the term “Authors’ Asylum.”  It’s what agents and publishers have kept us in for YEARS.  But now, fellow writers, we can break out of their constraints and get our books out there ourselves!  YEA! 

I started “breaking out” last summer.  I’d gone the traditional route, agent hunting for several books.  Some agents seemed interested, only to turn me down, as they had thousands of good writers before me.  I never let rejections bother me, because I had enough critiques from others that said they liked my books, “kept them up all night reading,” etc.  So when I found Kindle Direct Publishing, I jumped at the chance to have my voice heard.

It wasn’t easy, at first, because I’d written everything in Microsoft Works, and had to switch all my books to Microsoft Word–the preferred format.  Then I had to de-tab and re-tab every paragraph, using the “return” button instead of the “tab” key.  Jeeze!  Who knew?  But I finally got all the busy-work done, and self-published (for free) onto Kindle Direct Publishing.  I now have SEVEN books on, the largest bookseller.  Check out my latest offering, Knitting Can be Murder!

So, take heart, fellow writers.  Heaven knows if this techno-phobe can do it, so can you!  Don’t remain a prisoner at the Authors’ Asylum.  Go forth and publish it yourself!

Good luck in your writing career,



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