What to do When You’re Finished With Your Book

I’ve just published my 12th in the Two Old Biddies Series, Chained to the Truth.  Hope you all enjoy the read.

But that got me to thinking about finishing a book, and what feelings you go through afterwards.

When I finished my first novel, I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, jump up and dance, or what.  I went through a deep depression after Mountain Spirits, Desert Deceptions.  I spoke to a writer friend of mine, and he said that depression after a book is common.  Why?  Because you’ve lived with your characters and their world so long, and you’re sad to see them go.

What’s the solution?  I chose to make Stevie Coral a series.  I wrote another one with her and the cluster of main characters, Mountain Marituscide.  (Marituscide was a made-up word, because I couldn’t find one that meant “wife killing husband.”)  I felt better after that book.

But you can’t always do that, can you?  So what’s the next best thing to do?  Jump into another book, with another set of characters you’ll grow to know and love.  I broke the Stevie mold and took on a sarcastic, Annie, P.I. in Double Digits.  She wasn’t like Stevie at all.  She had spunk, didn’t need a man in her life–except when she got herself in a pickle.  She was refreshing, new, and a blast to write.

Now that I’ve completed my 12th Two Old Biddies novella, I’m jumping into a new series that I call The Senior Delinquents.  I’m already done with 14 chapters of that new book, having fun with the new characters–4 senior delinquents and one granddaughter, who’s a detective in a 4-man police force.

So, there it is.  Either make your book into a series, or go off in a completely different direction and start a new book.  You can even jump genres for that new book.  If you usually write mysteries, try a fantasy or sci-fi adventure.  Most of all, have fun with your writing.  Make up a world of characters you and the reader can have fun with.

Happy Reading and Writing to you all,


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