Where do You Write?

Hi Fellow Readers & Writers–

Sorry it’s been so long between posts.  May is a hectic month for me.  Mother’s Day, so many birthdays, and my husband and I just celebrated our 44th Anniversary!  Wow!  Imagine that.  And I haven’t even tried to kill him once!  Guess I take out all my aggressions in my books. (LOL!)

So, back to the question–Where do you write?  It’s different for many people.  I’ve heard of people writing, standing at a lectern, lying in bed, at their computer (duh), or on their laptop, and at different locations throughout their homes, at coffee shops, at the library, etc.

For me it’s all about handwriting my first (garbage) draft.  Therefore, I can do it anywhere, and usually do.  If I wake up in the morning with an idea, I grab my spiral-bound notebook and write in bed.  If I’m feeling closed in, I’ll go out on the porch and write.  My husband and I go off the mountain to shop sometimes, and I’ll take along my “writing kit,” which is comprised of my small briefcase, lots of pens and my notebook.  When I’m waiting in the car for him to look at DVDs at Wal-Mart Big Lots, I write.  If we’re on vacation, I take my writing kit with me.  Sometimes new scenery and locale are inspiring to me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that writers write–no matter where they are.  They find a way.  (Think of the movie Quills.  That crazy man wrote in prison with whatever he could get him hands on–literally!)  So, if you’re a writer, you must write, anywhere, anytime.  Remember your readers out there are waiting for your next book.  Hopefully they appreciate that you find the time and place to write, no matter the circumstances.  So, fellow writers–put your butt in that chair, or stand at that lectern, or lie in your bed–JUST DO IT!

Thanks to all my loyal readers out there.  Know that I LOVE what I’m doing.  I do it for myself, and I do it for you–no matter where, no matter when.



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