Working Hard

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

I’ve been working hard on writing the next Senior Delinquents Mini-Mystery.  Hopefully by the end of January Drop-Dead Soup will be available for your reading pleasure.

I’ve also been working on the next Two Old Biddies Mini-Mystery, Knit Two Together, but I don’t have a goal date in mind for that yet.

Many of my readers will say to me, “When’s the next book coming out?”  My first reaction is to say, “Gimme a minute.  It takes time to come up with these stories in my head and then get them out of there and onto the page!”   But then I think of how I feel, when I love a writer and can’t wait for their next book–I’m as impatient as my readers are!

So that’s why I keep plugging away, and really, it’s not “hard” work, it’s a joy and a pleasure to write.  I love my “job,” and wouldn’t trade it for any other in the world.  The money you get from being published is never the point, although it’s a nice perk.  No, I think most writers write because they LOVE to write–LOVE the act of making up stories and telling them to you.

So, hang in there, readers.  I’ll get those books out as soon as I can.  And thanks for being patient…well, almost patient.

Happy Reading and Writing to you all,


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