Write-a-thon & New Laptop

Hi Readers and Writers–

Tomorrow starts the intensive writing of my new book, Smothered in Yarn.  I have my Calendar of Events done for the book, which is my version on plotting.  Now I just have to apply bum glue and get down to the fun part–writing the book.  This usually takes the form of concentrated writing time, much to the chagrin of family and friends, but it only lasts a few weeks, and then editing begins and I can be my usual “social self” again.  But that’s how I write best–FAST AND FURIOUS!  Hopefully friends and family will understand and cut me some slack.  (LOL!)

Now, about my new laptop.  Unfortunately it came with Windows 8, and I have to learn a whole new system.  Question: Why do they always monkey with something that’s not broken?  I just got used to Windows 7, after having XP.  Now I’m on a steep learning curve–yet again.  Good thing I write my first drafts by hand!  Hopefully I’ll have Windows 8 down pat by the time the editing starts.  I got a copy of Windows 8 for Dummies book yesterday, so my afternoons will include time to learn what’s new in the zoo, as it were.

Happy Writing and Reading to you all,



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