A Legitimate Excuse Not to Write

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

My apologies, but I have a “legitimate” excuse for not writing books and blogging.  Really.

In January, I had cataract surgery on my right eye.  Everything went fine, and I was seeing amazingly well by the third day.

Then came the surgery on my left eye in March.  I was expecting the same results, but, alas, it wasn’t to be.  Apparently I have edema that needs to clear up before I can see with that eye again.  It’s caused severe headaches, not to mention it’s a pain in the …….eye.

So, until that clears up, dear friends, I’m afraid the next Two Old Biddies book will go unedited.  (Hey, at least it’s written!)  Sorry about that.  I’m doing my best.

If you have a legitimate excuse for not writing, I understand.  But if you don’t, what are you waiting for?  GET TO WORK!

Happy Reading and Writing to You All,


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