Developing a Daily Writing Habit

Hello all you writers out there.  Want to increase your output?  Then how about trying to write EVERY DAY?  It doesn’t have to be much–a page or two, or a scene or a chapter is all.  You’ll be surprised what this simple act can do for you.

But how do you get into the daily writing habit?  The best tip I know about starting a new habit is to hitch it to another habit you already have.  In the morning, I take a thyroid pill. I have to wait an hour before eating breakfast, so I take that hour and write.  See what I mean?  I’ve connected taking my pill (which is a habit I’ve already established), with writing (the habit I want to develop).

Another thing that helps is to write down how this habit will impact your writing life.  I put that (1) I’ll get more books written, and (2) It will make my readers happy.

Oh, and one more thing.  You can only attempt ONE habit at a time.  You need to concentrate on just that ONE, and conquer it first.  Next month, if you did well, you can add another habit.

So who’s with me?  Come on.  You can do this!  Starting October 1–today–start charting your new course toward writing more.  I’ll tell you how it goes for me at the end of the month.  You do the same with your comments, okay?

In the meanwhile–Happy Reading and Writing to you all,


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