A Tangled Yarn

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

Just to let you know, I’ve finished the first draft of A Tangled Yarn–the 4th book in the Two Old Biddies Series.  YEA!

What’s next?  Well, I set it aside for a couple of days, just to clear my mind.  Then I reread the entire book and make additions, corrections, and editing notes.  When all of those are typed up, I read the book, line-for-line, trying to catch all the little typos I’ve made.  Then it’s uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing, along with its cover.

Am I idle for the couple of days I’m “resting?”  Heck no!  I’m planning the next book or two.  It’s brainstorming time in the mountains–added to by the thunderstorms we’re expecting, which add a nice feeling of dread to the planning of the next book.  (LOL!)

So, folks…I’m hoping to have the new book, A Tangled Yarn, available for you to purchase from Amazon by the end of the month.  Look for it on the website and on Amazon, okay?

Happy Reading and Writing to you all,



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