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Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Guess I’ve finally started moving into the world of Social Media.  I just set up my Author’s Fan Page on Facebook.  Check it out!

Meanwhile, I got to thinking about how all of us writers go about writing our books.  Always the rebel, I’m working on TWO fiction books at the same time.  Can’t be done, they say.  And I’m asking, “Why not?”  I know the “rules” and I choose to break them.

I have a writing process that isn’t the norm, and I’ve been trying to do what’s “expected,” like plotting, outlining, knowing the story’s arc and the ending before I begin.  But I just don’t work that way, so why try to conform?

Maybe you’ve studied all the books on writing too, and you’re just not satisfied with what they’re telling you to do.  Why not break the mold and DO IT YOUR WAY?  And if you want proof that being a rebel works, read Stephen King’s On Writing, or Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing. They’re two famous authors who broke the mold and did it their way.  Heck, even Fitzgerald said he set the characters on a path, and tried to keep up with them.

So, my challenge for you today is to break free from the norm and try it the way that feels “normal” to you.  (I know my characters, the setting, who the victim is and possible people who might have wanted him/her dead.  That’s it.  My characters will tell me how the story goes as I write.)

Happy Reading and Writing to you all, and please, check out Jill-Ayn Martin’s Author’s Fan Page on Facebook. 🙂


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