New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

This post is for all you writers out there who have made (or not made) resolutions for 2016.

My resolution is to “work on writing” everyday.  But what does that mean, exactly?

My primary focus is my novella/novel, but there are so many other things I have to do.  I write my first drafts in longhand.  (It makes me feel closer to the characters and the story, for some reason.)  So, for me, part of “working on writing” has to be typing my completed first draft into Microsoft Word.  Other things I need to do are editing, rewriting, planning new books, research, marketing by books, and, of course, writing blog posts for my website.

The key is that you need to focus on your W. I. P. (work in progress), but when you have days where you don’t know where you’re going with the story, or you just can’t bring yourself to work on it, you fill in with the other things that make up your “work,” because, let’s face it, they also need to be done.

What elements are included in your “work on writing?” Make a list of things you do to reach your writing goals, and work on something everyday. Make your W.I.P. your focus, but don’t neglect those other things.  And think of how productive you’ll become by working everyday!  You won’t feel guilty if you don’t work on your book, because you’ve done something toward your goals.  Working on other things is not an excuse to not work on your book, it’s an add-on to the writing process.

Good luck with your writing in 2016,



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