Busy Writer

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Well, I’ve been one busy little bee these past weeks.  I mean what else could I do, we were snowed in!  Hard to think of Southern California and snow, but when you live 7000 feet up on a mountain, well, there’s snow!  In fact, they said we’ve had the most snow in January in our recorded history…5 feet and counting.  Another storm is coming in Thursday evening.  Jeeze!  Enough!  We keep shoveling, but there’s no place to put the snow now.

The fourth Senior Delinquent Mini-Mystery has been published.  Hope you enjoy Drop Dead Soup.  Meanwhile, fear not Two Old Biddies fans.  I just have the line edit to do on Knit Two Together.  Once the cover is done, it will magically appear on Amazon for your enjoyment.  And I’m 2 1/2 chapters into the newest Two Old Biddies Book, Enmeshed in a Cold Case. (Can’t call this author a slacker!)

And I’ve been reading, as well.  Just finished Agatha Christie’s The Moving Finger, and I found a mistake.  Good to know even the classic authors make them. 🙂

Well, back to writing.  Hope your winter is going better than ours up here in the Bear.

Happy Reading and Writing to you all,



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