Trust the Process

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

This one is mostly for writers, but it’s for anyone going through something where they have a “process” to deal with (i.e. dieters, etc.).

There is a “process” to everything we do.  For writers it’s (1) Showing up every day, (2) Doing the work, (3) Pressing through the discomfort and giving it your all.  (And remember, “writing” includes, pre-writing, actual writing, revision, editing, and publishing–not just writing new material.)

It’s normal for writers (and dieters) to seek shortcuts–to find a new tip or trick to make things easier–but it all comes back to hard work and showing up to do that work.  It’s a process that will never change.  Embrace it.  Trust it.  Don’t let your writing flame go out.

We all struggle with times where we can’t see the end of our journey, but if we keep learning, keep putting in the work, keep trusting the process, we will get there.

Happy Reading and Writing (and Dieting) to You All,


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