I’d Like to Thank . . .

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

We’re getting down to the end of the year, and I have some exciting news.  I’ve just surpassed the 2000-books-sold mark!  I’d like to thank all my loyal readers for making this goal a reality.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

I’d also like to take a moment and thank Brian, my excellent web designer and host.  You’re the best!

As for my book covers–my son-in-law, Justin, is the person behind the covers.  Thanks for all the excellent designs.  You rock!

And a very special thanks goes out to my hubby, Mike, who goes out of the house and makes a living, so I can stay home and make up stories to entertain my readers.  (Next year he retires, and I may have to kill him, but for now, we’re good.  LOL!) 

And last, but never least–to my close friends Marie, Carole, Mikey and Fa, and all the others (you know who you are), who have been a constant source of inspiration to me and my writing.  Without good friends, life’s not all that interesting, and believe me, my friends are VERY interesting. 🙂

Wishing all my readers and fellow writers the Happiest of Holidays.  May next year be the best ever!


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