What’s Next?

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Several friends have been asking me what’s next up in my writing.  The answer is that I’m taking a break from the Two Old Biddies for a while.  Don’t worry, I’ll get back to Megan and her knit-group’s adventures.  But right now I’m working on another suspense book with Annie Malone, P. I.  The working title is Deadly Shades of Love.  Every once in a while it’s good to stretch your writing muscles, ya know.  Annie’s books are full-length novels, not mini-mysteries.  It feels good to get back into her voice again too.  She’s my sarcastic alter-ego, and a blast to write!

I’d like to ask a favor of my readers–let me know what/ who you’d like to read next…after I finish Annie’s book.  I’ve planned another Two Old Biddies book, then maybe I’ll let Stevie Coral come back on stage.  (Stevie, Annie and Megan are so real to me.  They stand off-stage, in the wings, clamoring to be next up!  Annie’s voice was the loudest, this time.)  But let me know who YOU’D like to see next, and any cool ideas you have for me to explore.  Your voices are louder than the gals–ALWAYS!

Wishing you and your friends and families a Joyous Holiday, and a Happy New Year.  Keep in touch.



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