Inspiration Comes from the Oddest Places

Hello Readers!

I’m always asked where do I get my ideas for the books I write, so I decided to let you in on my “secret.”  Inspiration comes from odd places, overheard conversations, people-watching, the news, a book I read, or a movie I watch.  It can really come from ANYTHING!  Here’s an example:

About 5 years after moving to the mountains, a friend and I were taking a walk and happened upon our little mountain cemetery.  I’d been told it was an interesting place, so we decided to go have a look.   We expected to see really old tombstones–ones from miners of the past.  What we didn’t expect was what we saw.  People had put up little fences around different grave sites, and had decorated the area with things that meant a lot to their dearly departed.

One person must have been an avid golfer.  Within his fenced-in area were golf clubs and a pyramid of golf balls.  Another must have been a fisherman, because there were poles, lures, and a cute plaque that said “Gone fishing.”  There was a musician with an open guitar case.  Within his area was a box of reefer papers, an unopened bottle of beer, and other appropriate things.  There was a woman who must have loved gardening, and one who was a baker, I’m guessing.  But one fenced-in grave site stood out among all the others for me.

A young boy had passed away at the tender age of eight.  His area contained Hot Wheels cars and trucks.  It was so sad to think he’d never play with his beloved toys again.  That image stayed with me for years until I finally used it to write Hooked on a Cold Case.   I have no idea of the real circumstances of his death, but I just felt there was a story waiting to be told.  And, in a way, I felt as though I was honoring his memory in writing that book.

So, as you can see, you can find inspiration anywhere you look.

Until next time, Happy Reading to you all,


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