New Releases

By now you probably know the latest books in the Two Old Biddies Mini-Mystery SeriesMiner’s Mystery Soup and Gossip Knits a Killer are out and available for your Kindle or Kindle app.

I’m working on a Senior Delinquent Mini-Mystery at the moment, Dead, With a Dose of Karma.  If you haven’t checked out that series yet, go over to Amazon and get the first book, Yea! The Old Grouch is Dead.  (There’s a sneak peak of the book at the end of Gossip Knits a Killer.)

Readers have been asking me how I can write both of these series at the same time.  The answer is that I keep a binder for each one, so I don’t get names and places mixed up.  And I’m even thinking of starting another series called Cookie Crumbles Mini-Mysteries!  Why do I write these novellas?  Because I LOVE telling you stories.  What other job lets you lay around in your pajamas all day, telling people stories?  I have the best job in the world!

But don’t worry, Two Old Biddies fans.  That series is still going strong in my mind, and will always be my go-to series to write.  In fact, I’m planning the next one right now.  It will be called Slip One Cyanide.  In that one, Miss Vickie will be in trouble!  (Hey, who says this 73-year-old writer can’t multi-task?)

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll try to write a new blog each week to keep you updated.  Until then, Happy Reading!


PS.  Come on over to my Facebook page and find me on Pinterest.  My boards I pin to will give you some insight into my crazy mind…LOL!

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