It’s “Live” on Amazon!

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Muffin Madness is now available for your Kindle or Kindle App.  YEA!

Just because Alice killed her husband 22 years ago, doesn’t mean she’s responsible for the two guys who just dropped dead in her muffin shop.  Jeeze!  Now her only problem is finding out who did kill them–before they arrest her for the deed.  Fine time for Megan to be out of town, just when Alice needs her most!  (Megan will be back with a knit pattern in the next book.  For now, why not taste test some of Alice’s muffin recipes!)

Here’s a tease, just for those reading my blog . . .  The recipes included are: (1.) Pina Colada Muffins, with a coconut rum glaze, (2.) Breakfast Muffins, with fruits & nuts to start the day off right, and (3.) Cappuccino Muffins, with an optional Kahlua Glaze!  (Alice wanted to “spice up” her muffins.  LOL!)

Hope you enjoy the story and the muffins!

Happy Reading and Writing and Munching to You All,


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