Newest Book in the T. O. B. Series

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Finishing up the last edit of the newest T. O. B. Mini MysteriesMuffin Madness is just waiting for last-minute typing and the cover to be okayed.  I’m hoping you’ll be able to get it from by the end of this month.  It’s a bit of a departure from the usual T. O. B. books, in that it will contain 3 muffin recipes, as opposed to a knit or crochet pattern.

Already planning the next book in the series. (I’ve got an over-active brain!)

But I’m going to take a month away from the Old Biddies to finish up a nonfiction book for all you mystery writers out there.  It’s about how I write, and hopefully it will help make writing mysteries a little easier for you.  The title will be How to Write a Mystery Without Plotting It to Death.  It combines the ease of being a Pantser, with a small amount of the organization of a Plotter. (Pantser is a term for those of us who write by the seat of their pants.)  With any luck, and a lot of hard work, that book will be available by the end of June.  Then it’s back to the Two Old Biddies, which are a blast to write, and according to sales, you love to read them.  Thanks!

Until next time, Happy Reading and Writing to you all,


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