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Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

Now that Knitting Can be Murder has been released, and doing remarkably well, I’m on to my next project–How I Write: Writing Cozy Mysteries Without Plotting Them to Death.  It’s sort of fun, working on nonfiction, for a change.  It uses the logical side of my brain. 

I’ve researched and found a lot of quotes from famous authors about how they work on their books, without plotting.  Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Coben, William Faulkner…to name just a few, get to know their characters well enough that they just get them into a situation, and watch how they struggle to get out of it.  Glad I’m not the only one who does that.  I’m in VERY good company!

But don’t fret.  While I’m working on my writing book, I’m also making notes for the next in the Stevie Coral series.  Would I let you down?  NEVER!  Look for her newest book this summer.  Meanwhile, I have to get back to work. 

Happy Reading and Writing,



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  • Kathy Waring

    Are you working on any more two old buddies mysteries? They are just delicious to read, they don’t drag on forever, and I could read, with the greatest p,easier, at least 20 more. I do so hope you have more in the works. I am a retired hospital administrator, and there are so few cozy mysteries for those of us who are of a certain age. Looking forward to more two old buddies.

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