Thank You!

Dear Readers–

This month has been my best ever in sales, thanks to you, the readers.  It’s gratifying to know that you’ve been enjoying the books I’ve worked so hard to write.  I’ve received several comments about the last one–Knitting Can be Murder.  Seems you really like the knitting/crocheting themed mysteries.

To that end, I’ve decided to work on a new novel in the Two Old Biddies Cozy Mystery series.  It will be called Smothered in Yarn.  (If you’re a knitter, like I am, you probably have a stash of yarn that you sometimes feel smothered by.  I know I have enough to start my own knit shop!)  I’ll include a couple of quick, fun patterns for crocheters in this book. 

I’ll be attending the Tucson Festival of Books March 9th and 10th.  Hopefully I’ll run into Jenn McKinlay, who I spoke of in my “Cozy Mystery” blog.  Let me know if any of you will be attending the event.  Ms. McKinlay will be on a panel on Sunday, from 10-11 AM called “Keeping it Cozy.”  I’m planning on attending.  See you there???

Meanwhile, happy reading/writing to you all,



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