Nobody’s Perfect–an Apology to My Readers

Hello Dear Readers and Writers–

I need to apologize for some recent books that got out there with some glaring errors.  I have no one to blame but myself, because I do the final line edit on my books.

Both are errors in names.  In Bingo, You’re Dead (Senior Delinquent Mini-Mystery #2), the name of Mattie’s boyfriend was “Jeff” in the beginning, and “Jerry” at the end.  So sorry.  It should have been Jerry throughout.

In Knit Two Together (Two Old Biddies Mini-Mystery #14), the man’s name is supposed to be “Spencer Ladd,” but it shows up as “Spencer Purl” at the beginning.  I thought I had corrected these name changes, but I didn’t get all of them.  Again, so sorry.  I hate when anything pulls you out of the story, don’t you?

I have tried withdrawing the books and updating them, but it apparently didn’t work.  I’m going to contact Amazon to see what I did wrong.  Hopefully the errors will be corrected in the near future.  In the meanwhile, thanks for reading my books, even though I’m not a perfect editor.

Happy Reading and Writing to you All,


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