What’s Next?

Hello Fellow Readers and Writers–

Several friends have been asking me what’s next up in my writing. The answer is that I’m taking a break from the Two Old Biddies for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to Megan and her knit-group’s adventures. But right now I’m working on another suspense book with Annie . . . → Read More: What’s Next?

The Writer’s Process

Hello Fellow Readers & Writers–

This post is for my fellow writers, but, in the long run, will please my fellow readers as well, because you are who we’re writing these books/stories/poems for.

I’ve written seven novels/novellas, but I still find myself “studying” writing. Why? I tell myself that I want to be the best . . . → Read More: The Writer’s Process

New Project

Hi Fellow Readers and Writers–

Now that Knitting Can be Murder has been released, and doing remarkably well, I’m on to my next project–How I Write: Writing Cozy Mysteries Without Plotting Them to Death. It’s sort of fun, working on nonfiction, for a change. It uses the logical side of my brain.

I’ve researched . . . → Read More: New Project