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Hello fellow writers–

Procrastination.  It’s a dirty word.  You know you shouldn’t be doing it, or your book will NEVER get finished!

Is there a little child inside of you, with her arms crossed, stomping her foot and saying, “I don’t wanna!”  Well, folks, time for that child to grow up, or at least get out of the way so you can write.  I have my own little girl, even though I’m in my sixties.  She’d rather watch true crime shows or old movies on TV.  She’d rather have a snack.  She’d rather be crafting, knitting or crocheting.

So, what do you do?  You’ve tried pleading, cajoling, bribing, and about everything else you can think of.  Me too.  Now, every morning, I ask her what she really, really really wants to do today.  I tell her we’ll get to that, as soon as she lets me finish writing a couple of chapters in my book.  She needs to learn to be patient, I tell her.  She doesn’t like it, but she at least backs down long enough for me to get started on my work.  And once I get started, she knows not to disturb my flow of thoughts.  (Even my husband knows that!)

Promise him/her anything, as long as she lets you write!  Good luck with your inner child.  Remember, YOU’RE the boss!



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