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Hello again, fellow writers and readers–

Well, another year is coming to a close, and we’re all thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions…right?  Readers will hopefully keep on reading, and we writers must keep writing to give them something to read. 🙂

So, here they are…my New Year’s Resolutions:  1.)Complete my newest in the Two Old Biddies Series, Knitting Can be Murder!  Then it’s onto more books.  (I’m putting these down to make me responsible for my commitments.)  I intend to  2.) write a book on writing mysteries without plotting.  Then I intend to  3.) do another book in the Stevie Coral Series, called Amber’s Diary.                  I’m also   4.)compiling a book of short stories titled Twists of Fate, because they’re 10+ short stories with twist endings. 

Wow!  That’s four books slated to come out in 2013.  Can I do it?  Stay tuned…I’m working on it.


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